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Weekend by the water


I stayed in Toronto this weekend and changed things up from my usual weekend-at-home routine of hiding out in my dark basement and sticking to the borders of my midtown ‘hood. I went down to the water twice this weekend. And I hung out with other people. It’s so unlike me.

It turns out its pretty busy by the water in Toronto. Who knew?

Check out some of the pictures from the weekend:

The CN Tower from the harbour

This is one of the views from the Harbourfront Centre, which is where I passed the time when I was an hour early for a date.  I’d only ever been down there a few times before to take the ferry over to Toronto Island for my sister’s wedding. There’s a lot to do by the water and I plan to go back. Also, the Watermark Irish Pub was a very nice setting for an afternoon first date.

Me on the rocks at the Bluffs

On Sunday, my sister and her fiancé (who will be her husband in less than two weeks) took me to the Scarborough Bluffs. It was very pretty there and we took a few pictures. We didn’t get for stay long because the dogs we brought weren’t enjoying the heat.

Amy and Paul

The Bluffs

My sister and I tried to visit a beach further east in Scarborough later in the day but we couldn’t find parking. So instead we got milkshakes and went to the mall. It was my kind of trip to the beach!

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