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Thirty something

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My birthday is coming up in a few days and I will be 31 years old. Remember how freaked out I was last year about leaving my 20s? Well a year later I have a lot less feelings about the bump in age. Thirty-one is really no different than 30 or probably even 32. I’m pretty sure I look the same and I doubt I’m any wiser than I was last year. But 31 looks to be a great year. And not only because I’m entering into it debt-free.

In my last post, when I said I was days away from being debt-free, I was actually only hours away. I paid off my last student loan the very next day. I’ve been debt-free for an entire month! And man has it been a crazy month! Just kidding. Money is still tight. But only because I booked two trips for May. On Friday, I’m flying to Boston for a quick mini-break vacation with my new bf. BF as in boyfriend, not best friend. This is an important distinction since I write about my best friend BFs (MC, Tara and Tri) all the time. And because I’ve never called a boy my BF on here before. Or anywhere in the last 10 years. Oh the pressure he must be facing right now! We arrive back in Toronto Sunday night, in time to spend my birthday (which is on Monday) in the city with my niece, older sister and mom (who will be in town for a few days visiting my niece). It will be a great birthday weekend!

Then on May 14, older sister and I are travelling to Montreal for four days of sister fun. I have only visited Montreal once and it was 15 years ago. We stopped there for like two hours on the Grade 9 trip to Quebec City. It wasn’t very memorable because we only stopped at the church where Celine Dion got married. And I was so busy trying to get close to my crush*, that I didn’t pay much attention to the super cool city. I’m very excited to see the city for real this time and to hang out with my sister for a few days. Any recommendations on where to visit, shop or eat?

Yes, now that I’m debt-free, I apparently want to make up for lost time, or go back into debt, by cramming in as many trips as I can this year. Why not?

Age 30 was a good one – I went to Europe, became an aunt, reunited with my cat and paid off my student debt. That’s at least a few items on my bucket list crossed off. With the two trips and a new relationship kicking off 31, I think it will be a great year too. Happy birthday to me!

*I didn’t get close to said crush on that trip. In fact, he spent much of the trip trying to get close to my friend. I was devastated.

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