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The second year of Lo


Happy new year! We’re two days in and so far I have been very lazy and unproductive. I’m not really worried that this is a sign of the year ahead because my number one goal is to be healthier. Which means getting off my lazy ass more and working out or cooking or hopefully doing both – working out while cooking ;). I feel pretty confident that this and the other items on my list will be accomplished and I warn you now that I will be really smug and obnoxious when the year is over.

2013 ended happy. I had a wonderful time at home over Christmas and a fun new year’s eve at my older sister’s place. And I am already full of ideas and plans for the year ahead. I have a strong suspicion that 2014 is going to be a good one.  And not just because I’m going to tackle the following:

  1. Be healthier. Like I said in the previous post, last year I worked out more than I ever have, but I still mostly ate like shit. It’s time to change that! I will cook more and buy more fresh produce. And then eat it. I’m also going to make healthier meal choices. I’m sure my two vegan colleagues will be happy to steer me in this healthier direction. So I’m going to eat out less and cook more. I should probably take a cooking class or something because my skills right now are quite limited. Spaghetti anyone? Also, I will continue working out at least twice a week, with the ultimate goal of yoga twice per week, weights workout once a week and a run or a class or some other fun activity once per week. Yes, my ideal week includes four workouts. It’s definitely doable. Right Tara?*
  2. Spend as much time as I can, or as my sister allows, with my niece. She’s only a baby once. The same goes for my bf MD’s baby daughter and the yet-to-be-born baby of my bf Tara.
  3. Embrace my singlehood and start to make everyone else jealous with my awesome life. Become the female Barney Stinson, instead of the female Ted Mosby (which I swear I am now), but with less gross, random hookups. Gross. I don’t really know what I mean by this goal, but I’m going to try and make the events in my life legen-wait-for-it-dary!
  4. Pay off debt and start saving for a condo. This is going to happen in June so it feels silly to put it on here, but paying off my student loans has been a goal of mine for almost SEVEN years. Oh my god, I have been out of school for almost SEVEN years. Scary.
  5. Move into a posh, above-ground apartment. And of course, decorate the shit out of it. For a variety of reasons I have spent the past few months thinking about moving into an above-ground apartment in a secure building. Earlier this week I made the bold decision to give my 60 day notice to my landlord on January 1 because I was fed up with the noise from the apartment directly above mine. After telling quite a few people about this decision, I have, of course, amended it slightly. I’m going to hold off on giving my notice until the weather is nicer. Moving in February could really suck if the weather is shitty. Also, it would be really great if I could live with the noise until at least June when my final student loan is paid off and I can afford a more expensive, and hopefully bigger, place. That I can then decorate the shit out of. I really love to decorate.

So that’s it. I had a few more goals I was going to include, but they’ve been cut in order to keep the list short and manageable. I promise to write about my progress throughout the year. The progress posts may include bikini shots of my bangin’ body thanks to my healthier lifestyle. Haha just kidding. Instead, here are some recent photos of my cat Lola.


She was thirsty in the middle of the night and I guess her water bowl was too far.


Keeping an eye on everyone while at my parent’s place


When she isn’t laying on the couch or my bed, she is apparently here, between the futon and the wall in the spare room.

* My bf Tara is a personal trainer and she is one of the most fit people I know. She is also one of my biggest motivators. 


  1. Just pick whatever motivational strategy you’d like me to enforce here and I’m on it.. rewarding? reporting? shaming?

  2. You go girl! You’re motivating me to be healther too 🙂

    Tara – what’s your hourly rate lol!

  3. I gave up on new years resolutions long ago,,…I’m not a cynic about it..I just know myself and Ill do things when I do them!

    Although Amy..Your sis.. did say that i should make a resolution to visit my nieces more….( she is soooo bossy!)

    so I will! ( probably in your cool and spectacularly decorated condo this summer!!!!)

    Love ya!

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