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Bridesmaid of the Year

July 4, 2012 by lointo | 0 comments

A few weeks ago my sister hosted a party at my parent’s house. It was a pre-wedding party and it was one of the most labour intensive parties I’ve ever been to. It was a painting party!

Younger sister recruited family and friends to help with some crafts for her wedding. I represented the entire wedding party and painted a crap load of stuff. We painted 100 chairs, about 20 picture and window frames, and many more teapots and teacups. The chairs are for the wedding ceremony, which will take place in my parent’s back yard. The picture and window frames will be hanging at the ceremony as well as at the reception at the golf course in my home town. The teapots and teacups will be on tables at the wedding.

Check out our handy work!

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