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I'm Lo and this is my life in T.O.

January 2, 2014
by lointo

The second year of Lo

Happy new year! We’re two days in and so far I have been very lazy and unproductive. I’m not really worried that this is a sign of the year ahead because my number one goal is to be healthier. Which means getting off my lazy ass more and working out or cooking or hopefully doing both – working out while cooking ;). I feel pretty confident that this and the other items on my list will be accomplished and I warn you now that I will be really smug and obnoxious when the year is over. Continue Reading →

December 20, 2013
by lointo

2013 Scorecard

I’ve been dreading this. Despite saying in my previous post that I love lists like this. Because my big number one goal for the year, the one I put out there knowing it was likely a giant jinx, was not achieved in any way whatsoever. I think I can cross a few of my other goals off, but the first one I’m embarrassed for putting out there. I can be so silly. Shall I dive in? Continue Reading →

December 13, 2013
by lointo

My favourite things about 2013

I really am at my best, creativity-wise, when I’m preparing lists like this one. So maybe that’s the direction I take with the blog next year– endless lists. I do love making them, especially in my everyday life for things I need to do on the weekend, what I want to get done when I get home from work, and my absolute favourite , all the expenses coming up for each pay period. So this post, along with my assessment of the year’s goals and then new goals for the upcoming year, are now annual posts. Continue Reading →

November 26, 2013
by lointo
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Feel better Mom!

Gosh, I write about my mom almost as much as I write about how desperate I am to meet a cool dude and start a family. I’m not really living up to my life goals I made as a teenager to be a super cool independent gal who doesn’t need her parents or a man to make her life complete. But then again that me thought I’d own my place before getting married at 25. I also thought I’d be making six figures (though I didn’t really know what that meant). Teenage me was crazy! Hmmm so is 30 year old me… Continue Reading →

October 25, 2013
by lointo

The baby boom is about to begin

I know, I know, I’m going longer and longer between posts. But I haven’t had an inspiring idea for a while. Except of course for endless photos of my cat Lola, but for some reason I think I’m the only one who wants to see that. I’m even toying with the idea of not writing on here anymore. The “I’m single; no one will ever love me; why am I the only one who is alone?” stories can only be cute for so long. Right? I’m hoping the creativity will start flowing in now that the baby boom is about to begin. Continue Reading →

October 1, 2013
by lointo

Happy birthday Mapa!

Or Mom and Dad for those who aren’t down with my lingo. I grew tired of saying Ma and Pa and dropped the “and” a few years ago. Hence Mapa. In this case, I should actually say Dad and Mom, or Pama, since Dad’s birthday is first. But I don’t like saying or even writing it that way. It sounds and looks weird with Dad before Mom. Anyway, today is the day in between my parents’ birthdays. Dad’s birthday was yesterday, September 30, and Mom’s birthday is tomorrow, October 2. They are two years and two days apart. Dad is older. So happy birthday guys! Continue Reading →

September 24, 2013
by lointo
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The last message I posted, the one about reuniting with my cat, was slightly different than the original message I’d drafted the day before. I usually do make a ton of changes to my messages before and even after I post, to make them funnier and to ensure there are no mistakes that my older sister or anyone else feels the need to correct. Apparently I’m a tyrant when it comes to grammar so it’s a joy for others (my sister) when they spot my mistakes. But this post required a lot more edits than usual. The original message talked about my exciting news with Lola, but also announced my decision to move. At the time, I was very excited about my plan to move into a chic new apartment above ground. But I changed the message basically at the last second because I decided not to move. At least not right now. I’m a flip-flopper. Continue Reading →

September 13, 2013
by lointo

Los in T.O.

I have big news! Bigger news than chopping off my hair, which I did two weeks ago (and do not yet have nice pictures of). But first, I’m sorry for the longest delay yet between posts. I don’t know who I am kidding by writing a diary blog. There really aren’t that many writeable things that go on in my life. Until now! Continue Reading →

August 23, 2013
by lointo

Happy Anniversary Toronto!

Last week marked three years since I left London and moved to Toronto.  This year we (T.O. and I) kept it low-key. We’re at the stage in our relationship where we don’t have to make a big deal about things or buy each other anniversary gifts. We’re comfortable. We’re three years in. That said, I wouldn’t have minded a gift. Continue Reading →