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It’s 2017 y’all

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Did you forget about Lo in T.O.? I apparently did seeing as my last post is from 2015. January 2015. Yowzers… It’s like 2015 and 2016 didn’t exist. But they did and lots of things happened. Obviously. Like… I changed jobs… twice. Once in 2015 and then again in 2016. The first one wasn’t the best fit and the second one was a dream. I moved in with my guy in 2016. And I traveled to Chicago, Florida, Mexico, Florida again, Mont Tremblant and New York City. I also bought a bike and made the leap from PC to Mac. That pretty much sums up the past two years.


Can you believe it? After all my whining about finding a man, I finally found one that stuck around. For three years in fact. Well, almost three years. Our three year anniversary is tomorrow. He’s pretty great! A keeper in fact. And we’ve been living together for the past year. I finally moved out of the dungeon filled with bugs and I now live way up in the sky in an apartment filled with light. It’s pretty great!

So, holy crap, it’s 2017! I am currently a full-time student at HackerYou. Which means I’m unemployed. For the first time in 17 years. Yikers… I’ve been working for 17 years??? Anyways, going to HackerYou is something I have wanted to do since they first introduced their web development bootcamp in 2014. And the timing finally worked out for me to do it. My one-year contract at the wonderful place I was working at was ending and the program I wanted to take happened to be starting around the same time. Week six starts tomorrow and I’m surprised at how much I’m loving being a student again. I don’t love being unemployed, but everything else is great. And I have a job lined up once I complete the program. I’m heading back to the wonderful company I had the contract with. I couldn’t be happier to return full-time. It means I can go to the dentist again!

I have a new website that I created for school to show off my portfolio of web projects. The site is laurakolstein.com and it’s completely styled and coded by me. The style will change in a few weeks when I have to put together a more polished portfolio as my final assignment for school. But you can check out the projects that I have worked on, both at HackerYou and back from my days at George Brown.

I’m hoping to refresh the look of this site as well, so stay tuned for a new look. It may take a while because I’m pretty busy with school and I shouldn’t be making any promises about new projects. I mean, at the rate I’m going with posting on here, you won’t see me again until 2019. When I’m writing from Mars or some other far-off, futuristic place.

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  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to many posts this year! Proud of you!!!

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