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I’m back!


Hello old friends. How are you doing this chilly December day? I am doing well, but I’m also, of course, very sorry for the long absence on this blog. Six months is far too long to go without my wit. I’m surprised any of you have survived. I’m also sorry for probably not posting again until the new year. Please don’t abandon me. 

I swear I have written like 10 posts since my last one, but I deleted all of them because they were lame. Mostly braggy pieces about how great the second year of Lo is going. But they were also really boring and like not funny at all. Maybe I’m only funny when I’m bitter?

I promise, I’m not suddenly writing now because the bitterness has returned. Things are still great! I just am feeling a bit creative today. Oh and the server issues that have plagued my site and my sister’s site (Amy Loves Crafts) are finally solved. Yay bro-in-law for fixing the issue!

One post I wrote and deleted (back in June) was all about how my favourite little girl turned one year old. And now months later, she’s like 18 months old. Or maybe it’s 18 years old. I don’t see her as much as I used to now that my sister is back at work. She’s still the cutest person ever and she’s walking and talking and she’s now in the toddler room at daycare. Time has just flown by with her. For Christmas, she’s probably already asking for her own car.

I also wrote about my return to Europe on a last-minute, whirlwind trip with my favourite guy. We went to Dublin (for like a day), London (for three days) and Paris (for four days) in August. The trip was fantastic and yes, it was definitely better than my trip last year. There’s something about staying in nice hotels, sleeping in and hanging out with the one you love that just makes a trip more enjoyable. Plus, we saw Jude Law. And yes, he’s even more handsome in real life.

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Speaking of famous friends, I met my hero a few weeks ago – Amy Poehler! I love her and truly believe we are long, lost twins. She’s just awesome. And when my time came to tell her how awesome I think she is during a book signing at Chapter’s, I froze and just smiled a goofy smile. I’d feel silly about it, but her smile back was warm and friendly and just for me. I could tell she loves me too.

So that’s my six month recap. Looking ahead, I’m spending my first Christmas with my handsome mate in Montreal. We decided to spend Christmas (and his birthday) somewhere warm and exotic, and after realizing it is crazy expensive to do so over Christmas for only a couple of days, we settled on cozy, freezing cold Montreal instead. It will be lovely!


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