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I lied


Back in March, I boldly proclaimed that my love affair with cola beverages was finally over. And now in November I can admit with no hesitation that the statement was a crock of shit. I may have reduced my intake, but I am an addict who may never know of a life without cola. It’s just so tasty.

Yesterday I had my first dentist appointment in a year and a half and going into it, my teeth were brown. I mean not completely, but enough that I looked a little like Lindsay Lohan in pictures (you know, before she had her teeth done). This is, I’m certain, in large part due to my one can of Coke Zero a day habit that I recently developed. Thanks to my awesome dentist, my teeth look normal again. Yay!

I hoped my dentist would comment on the brown teeth. He probably just attributed the stained teeth to a lack of appointments, which could have cause the problem. But I’d rather think it was the pop, so hopefully I’ll drink less.

I have made the switch from Pepsi to Coke Zero. I still love Pepsi best, but I feel better about my addiction with Coke Zero because there are zero calories. Yes it means aspartame instead, but I’ve stopped caring. I have tried Pepsi Max, but I prefer Pepsi. Whereas Coke was only ever my second choice, so I’m okay with a slightly different tasting coke. I’ll admit though, it tastes a lot like the original.

So there you have it. I’m a liar. And a cola beverage lover for life. Lord help me.

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