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Farewell Chester


Moving into my new apartment meant saying goodbye to my car. For practical reasons, it doesn`t make sense for me to have a car in the city – parking, higher insurance, great public transit, etc. This was actually one of the reasons why I wanted to move here. But knowing this stuff and being happy about not having a car are two separate things. On Saturday, before we drove away with all my stuff, I left both sets of keys to my (not always) beloved black, VW Beetle for my dad.

blog september 22 2010

Chester wasn’t always the best car, but he was fun and a cute car to drive. He caused lots of financial stress for me over the two years I had him, and made me change my travel arrangements more than once. But when he was in proper repair, Chester was a great car. He generally got me from point A to point B without delay, and made living in London a lot easier. Although I walked to work, Chester came in quite handy during trips to the grocery store, visits to my parents, and shuffling my beloved cat Lola back and forth between her two broken homes.

So the car now ‘belongs’ to my dad. I still own it and continue to pay the loan associated with it, but my dad is the principal driver and therefore pays the insurance. I’ve been demoted to secondary driver. I’m happy Chester is still in the family, so I can hopefully drive him when I’m home. With my father’s permission of course. But I am really going to miss the freedom associated with having a set of wheels. I plan to get a Zipcar membership for the big grocery trips and other miscellaneous adventures that require a car, but it’s not the same thing as having one in your driveway.

So farewell sweet Chester. May you cause my dad far less trouble than you ever caused me!

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