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Dating Disasters

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A potential suitor recently asked me to describe the worst date I’d ever been on. For those of you who aren’t familiar with a particular online dating site (starts with a lower case “e”), this is one of the long answer questions you can ask a mate during the third stage of the dating (or mating) process. I had a tough time narrowing down my worst date because I’ve had many terrible dates. I’ve also had a lot of great dates, but sadly the terrible ones are the dates that stand out.

I’ve narrowed down a few of the more memorable worst dates for your reading pleasure. They are in no particular order:

  1. I was nursing a broken heart and agreed to a date with a guy I wasn’t particularly interested in. I said yes because I knew I needed to get my mind off my ex-boyfriend. My date took me to a party where I knew no one. He told me ahead of time that it was a pool party and I conveniently forgot my bathing suit. He asked one of the hosts of the party to lend me a swim suit, which I was going to pretend didn’t fit because I really didn’t want to swim. The girl walked in on me while I was putting the suit on and told me it looked great. I’m sure I still could have resisted going in the pool but at that point I stopped fighting it. Meanwhile, my date disappeared for like an hour, so I made friends with the other party-goers. I would have gone home but the party was 30 minutes away and I was carless. I also think my parents were away, otherwise I would have had my dad pick me up. After my date returned, we took a dip in the pool and he tried to get romantic. I wasn’t into it and basically spent the entire time trying to avoid him. A girl at the party later confessed to me that she saw my date making out with someone else during his absence.
  2. I met a guy I’d been chatting with in online dating. We met for dinner and I knew right away that this would be our only date. There was no chemistry or attraction and he seemed very immature. After our dinner was over, I mentioned that I needed to pick up a book at Chapter’s and he offered to escort me. I knew I’d find the book right away, so I agreed. As we left the restaurant, I went to put my hand in my pocket and felt him reaching for it. It was so surprising to me that I yelled “What’s happening here?” and shoved my hand in the pocket, away from his hand. Call me crazy, but handholding is something intimate. Two people who are in a relationship hold hands. Not two people who have just met (in person) and have shared one meal together. First comes love, then comes handholding. Seriously!
  3. I went on a double date with my friend, her (then new) boyfriend (now fiancé) and his roommate. I’d met his roommate once before at the bar. He was cute and seemed nice so I agreed to a date. The guy didn’t call me to arrange the date; instead he had my friend set it up. She decided it was a double date and she picked bowling and wings for the date. She even picked up. From there, it was just awkwardness. My date and I talked about likes and dislikes and I told him I loved to read and my favourite book was Harry Potter. I think his interest in me died right there. Thank goodness I didn’t show him my lightning bolt tattoo. (Kidding, I don’t have a tattoo, but if I did, that might be something I’d get). The rest of the night, he bugged my friend and her boyfriend about their sex life because it was apparently very loud and frequent. I’m fairly confident that the night would have happened the exact same way had I not been there. I could have been home rereading Harry Potter.

Can you guess which one was my answer to my potential mate? What was your worst date?

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  1. Very funny post. Thanks for sharing.

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