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Bugs in the dungeon

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I hate bugs. I’ve always hated bugs. I was a super girly girl growing up and I did not want to hold frogs or look for snakes or catch bugs in jars. I’m still that girl. In high school, I paid my sisters in clothing to get rid of spiders for me. I don’t think they like bugs either, but they’ve always liked my clothes, so they were generally up for removing whatever was offending me (bug-wise). I went a long time without having to get rid of a bug of my own. Until of course, I moved into my own place.

It wasn’t so bad when I lived in my second story apartment in London. I saw a few spiders and they didn’t really bother me, so I usually left them alone. The ants and flies were a bit more annoying and lucky for me, aren’t that scary. My fly swatter got a lot of action. But as someone who is afraid of bugs, living in a basement apartment has been the worst. Creepy-crawly things are everywhere.

I don’t know if you know this or not, but bugs love basements. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say basements are their natural environment. It’s the worst thing about living in a basement. Well that and occasional floods and loud upstairs neighbours. Oh and never knowing what is going on weather-wise outside. I haven’t seen a storm in three years.

Centipedes are by far the scariest bugs to me. And boy do centipedes love basements. I first encountered one while playing Barbies alone as a preteen (okay, maybe a full teen, I can’t be completely sure on the timeline). I lifted up Barbie’s comforter and there was a centipede just chilling out. Napping I guess. It was the creepiest thing I’d ever seen. How could Barbie ever return to that bed? My mom laughed at me saying that it was “just a bug”, but she sure jumped and screamed a lot when I brought her and dad upstairs to see it.

Flash forward to present day and centipedes are frequent visitors during the warmer weather. I saw them weekly last year. Like one time, while filling the sink to do the dishes, one scrambled out from under a bowl to escape. So far this year, I have only seen two. The first one was small and while the scurrying startled me, it wasn’t so bad. But then two days ago, a giant one scampered across my bed after I put down some laundry. On my bed!!! I’m now terrified to go to sleep. And to do laundry.

I know, bugs are just bugs and they aren’t hurting me, so why am I so scared of them? And I know they don’t deserve to be killed. But some of them are creepy as f%$@! I do leave most bugs alone though. Like spiders. I sat through a Bug’s Life at Disney World (twice), so I know that many bugs do a lot of good and I’m even bigger and scarier to them than they are to me. I’d happily transfer the centipedes outside (instead of killing them) if I were ever organized (and calm) enough to find a container and trap them in time. They’re so fast! I spend most of summer terrified to walk into a room, lift up a garbage can or look in the sink because of the creepy-crawlers. I’m basically a nervous wreck this time of year. It’s the one reason I hate the warmer weather.

Not everyone hates the bugs. I’m pretty sure Lola enjoys chasing them. I keep finding her staring into corners and under furniture. I’m pretty sure it’s because of centipedes and not ghosts. She probably thinks of them as friends.

If you have any tips for preventing centipedes and other scary bugs like silver fish from invading my space, please let me know. Until then, I’m couch surfing because I’m afraid to sleep in my own bed.

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  1. I too leave bug alone. And I particularly take the same stand – that they don’t deserve to be killed. When A Bug’s Life and another movie I can’t recall the name of came out I used that on my students. Woa be the student who stepped on any ants as we headed over the parking lot to church. I’d be on them with, ” Why should that ant die because it came across your path today.!? It has a family …..
    “I’m even bigger and scarier to them than they are to me.” A student out west wrote a story about a bully boy who killed insects on the beach where he and his family were holidaying. The student ended his story with his mom looking for him to go home and a earth mover had moved the sand around and he was buried in sand himself.
    It is hard to get them safely outside. I mostly try shoeing them or I just leave them. rarely do I find a container and trap them.
    The centipede in the bed IS scary.

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