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So it’s about two and a half weeks until I travel to Europe for the first time and I’m getting pretty antsy about it for obvious reasons. But also, I’m really anxious because I haven’t received my travel information and plane tickets yet. I want them now, damnit! I want to pour over the details for hours and memorize everything I’m going to do so I can bore everyone around me before I leave. 

My travel agent called me, excited, two weeks ago to say the travel package from Contiki was in her hands and she would send it out the following day with my plane tickets. She indicated the package would arrive early next week. I rushed home every day to check my mail and the package wasn’t there.

So Friday, I worked from home and kept a watchful eye on the mailbox in anticipation of my package. Surely it had to arrive then because she said “early next week” and those days had come and gone. But the mail was delivered without my trip information.

It turns out my package spent a week cooped up in my travel agent’s manager’s car because her car broke down on the way to the post office and her car spent a week at the auto shop. With my package inside.  So once again, it should arrive any day now. Maybe even tonight!

I feel like I can’t get too excited or prepare too much for the trip without all the details. Like how much cash do I need for the extra excursions? What size bag should I bring? Where are we scheduled to go? How much free time do I have in each city so I can see the other things I want to see? And which country has the hottest men? Okay no, that last question likely won’t be answered in my travel package but I will try to come up with an answer when I return home. Stay tuned.

I’m going slightly crazy trying to be patient. I keep reminding myself that whether or not the package arrives today or next Monday, I’m going to Europe in two and a half weeks. It’s finally real.

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