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A little premature


My previous post was written prematurely. I bought more stuff over the weekend and I’m writing this post from shopping rehab. By shopping rehab I mean the psychological prison I have created in my mind where all my thoughts are around how I am going to eat for the next week and a half now that I have spent all of my money and how my new items better land me a man. Yes, I am still 15 years old and think that nice clothes and a pretty face will land me a man. Like in all my favourite movies and books.

I know I am being highly dramatic with my shopping guilt. I am not destitute because of these purchases and I haven’t plundered further into debt. But still, I spent a lot of money which would have made a significant contribution to next year’s Europe trip. Instead, I’ll look great for a few months with my new dress, belt, three purses, five tops, riding boots and the shoes for Tara’s wedding. I finally found riding boots that fit over my jumbo calves. It only took me two years to find. I am in love.

In other news, I joined another dating site. This means I have profiles on two online dating sites now, plus I receive emails from a social events dating site. So far I am regretting the decision. The new site is yielding gross results, and it reminds me of my previous online dating attempts when I lived in London. It just feels like an online dating catalogue. And apparently my preferences mean nothing because I have received several “winks” from guys outside my age bracket. I’ll give it a full week before I bail on it though. That’s enough time for the future Mr. LoKo to find me, right?

When I told my mom about joining a second online dating site, she told me that she really hopes I find someone because I deserve to be happy. I thanked her and told her I agree, but that all my new stuff makes me very happy. It really does. Especially these (sorry the picture is so dark)…

Seriously though, anyone have some food I can have? I’m so hungry…


    • Thanks! I love that you can see Amy in the background taking the picture. It’s also funny because we are at Jen’s house while she is Quebec.

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