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Lo in T.O. in 2018


It’s time for my yearly post. The one where I apologize (to thin air? To myself?) for not writing sooner and with a renewed goal of updating the blog on a regular basis. Just kidding! I have no plans to post on a regular basis again because I really never think about posting. Nor do I think about building web applications for fun, like I told myself I’d do after graduating from web development bootcamp. But I don’t want to get rid of this blog, or my web developer website, even though the content is out of date. I love this blog! I’m proud of this blog. But I don’t feel inspired to write the way that I used to. So the site will remain an archive of anecdotes about my single life in the city. With, hopefully, yearly updates highlighting the changes in my life.

This past year has been another one full of change. As I type this latest instalment, I am rubbing my bulging belly. Yes, I am still drinking way too many cola beverages and consuming as many cheeseburgers as I can, but I am also 28 weeks pregnant (hello third trimester!) and the baby is kicking a lot. I’ve been married for just over a year and I have been a homeowner for almost two months. I’m also a car owner once again. No, my dad did not return my beloved Beetle, Chester, back to me. Chester is long gone and in its place is a shiny Ford Escape. 

So yeah, a lot has happened this past year. Perhaps too much. But even though my husband and I are now broke (thank you Toronto real estate!) and slightly stressed, we are very happy and excited for the future.

Our wedding in Hawaii last August was a dream. Hawaii was heaven, just as we assumed it would be. We didn’t want to leave and we talk constantly about going back. We visited Oahu and then Kauai and stopped over in California for a few days on our way home. Our wedding took place on August 23, 2017 and included the two of us, a minister, a photographer, two videographers and our wedding planner. We got married on a beach on the north shore of Oahu just before sunset. It was short, sweet and everything we wanted it to be. We celebrated our one year anniversary last week with a visit to our favourite restaurant – the Cheesecake Factory.

We had one big surprise on our wedding day – we found out I was pregnant! We were completely stunned, but also incredibly excited. When we’d gotten engaged three months prior, I’d informed Andrew that we needed to start trying for a baby right away. We both wanted kids and since we were 34 (me) and 32 (him) years old, we had no time to waste because it would probably take at least a year to conceive. A wise friend advised me to wait a month or two in case, by some miracle, I got pregnant right away. I wouldn’t want to be sick during our Hawaii trip, right? So we waited until a month before the wedding to start trying. And somehow, by some miracle, I got pregnant.

I’ve never been a secret keeper. I’m an open book. I told my three best friends, sister and parents right away, and even more people as soon as we got back to Canada. But, sadly, the pregnancy didn’t last. Around Thanksgiving, I joined my mom, sister, cousins and many other friends and family in the miscarriage club. The more I talked about it, the more common I found out miscarriage was. Common yet devastating. So basically, the fall of 2017 sucked. A lot.

Flash forward to today and I’m very happy to say that my baby boy (Yes, shock of my life, I’m having a boy!) is due 12 weeks from now. We were so lucky to get pregnant again and I don’t really know how I made it through the first and second trimesters. But here I am grateful and as big as a house! A small house. Not unlike my small house..

We bought our one-story, two bedroom, semi-detached house (with parking for two cars!!) in the west end of Toronto in June after about eight months of house hunting. Real estate in Toronto is no joke… With the help of our awesome realtor, who happens to be a friend from high school, we looked at probably 40 houses and put offers on nine. We looked in the east end and the west end, at condos and co-ops and houses. Houses without driveways and in need of major renovations. We looked at everything. By the time our offer was finally accepted on what would become our house, we were sure we’d be living in our apartment forever.

Our house is small and looks like a mobile home on the outside. But we love it and we couldn’t have asked for a better location. We’re super close to older sister and my in-laws and it’s a quick* 45 minute TTC commute to work.

So that’s life now. I’m still Lo in T.O. – the girl who ran away to the big city to find love and eat a lot of cheeseburgers. But I’m also now a mom-to-be with a hyphenated last name and a mortgage. Till next year…

* a 45 minute commute is considered quick in Toronto


  1. Congratulations !! Wonderful news.

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