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2014 Favourites

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It’s already 2015 (holy crap!) so I guess I’m late with my annual year in review lists that I usually post in December. I haven’t made any resolutions yet, so the first list is a roundup of my favourite things from 2014. This list is made of of things that happened in my personal life and does not include my favourite music (i.e. Taylor Swift’s new album) or books (Amy Poehler’s Yes Please!) or dance moves (all of them) from the year.  Check it out:

  • I became debt-free! I know you probably figured I would stop bringing this up after I paid off my final student loan in March, but just to recap: I had a bunch of debt from my days as a student and it took me seven years to pay off. I’ve been debt-free since March and since then, I have travelled a bunch and I started saving. Life without debt is pretty nice.
  • I went to Europe again! I really didn’t think I’d return so soon after my first trip there last year, but a last minute opportunity to go with my guy was too good to pass up. This time around, I spent more time in London and Paris and saw a bit of Dublin. It was awesome!
  • I also went on a some other trips. I visited Montreal twice (with my older sister in May and then over Christmas with my bf) and explored Boston for the first time over my birthday weekend.
  • I went back to school! I starting working on a certificate program at George Brown College and since May I have taken four classes. The classes are once a week for three hours after work. I hope to have the web development certificate completed this upcoming summer and then complete the four other classes required for the web design certificate before the end of the year.
  • More of my friends became moms! There are so many sweet, adorable little babies in my life now including one that is only days old. It’s really nice to see my friends so happy!
  • Only one wedding! That’s right, the back-to-back weddings have stopped. This year, I only attended one wedding and it was for my old roommate / Lola’s other mother. My bank account is very happy that everyone I know is now married.
  • I spent as much time as possible with my niece. Duh. She just starting saying my name and now I want everyone to call me Lala.
  • Same goes for time spent with my cat Lola.
  • I met a new favourite guy. I’d be crazy not to list my boyfriend on here, especially since every other list and post on this blog has hoped and wished for a nice guy. I finally met him in March and things have been lovely and awesome ever since.

For all of these reasons and many other reasons too, the 2014 year of Lo was the best yet!

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  1. Marvelous! Glad to see Happiness here!

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