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2013 Scorecard


I’ve been dreading this. Despite saying in my previous post that I love lists like this. Because my big number one goal for the year, the one I put out there knowing it was likely a giant jinx, was not achieved in any way whatsoever. I think I can cross a few of my other goals off, but the first one I’m embarrassed for putting out there. I can be so silly. Shall I dive in?

  1. Find love. Lame, I know. But for reals, it’s what I want more than anything. It’s what I have always wanted most in life. It doesn’t mean I want to jump into a super-serious relationship right away or get married or engaged or move-in with someone in 2013, but I want to fall in love with a good man. Maybe a European man  . And yes, I have a lot of love in my life. My family, friends and many admirers fill me with so much love that I consider myself a very lucky person. But I want more, damn it! I realize that by including this, not only in my list but as the number one goal for the year, I have just put an insane amount of pressure on my potential love interests, who I force to read my blog in the hope that they fall in love with me through my words. Potential mates, ignore this goal. I don’t really mean it… I’m open to anything serious or otherwise, so call me, maybe. I’m not crazy… This didn’t even come close to coming true. I went on a bunch of dates and had a mini relationship to start the new year, but the only love I found was make believe (with the president in the TV show Scandal). This whole year, the so-called year of Lo, has been a huge dating slump and to be honest, not at all encouraging that I’ll find someone in the second year of Lo, also known as 2014. So my goal for 2014, which I’ll go into greater detail in my next post, is to find ways to be happy with my single life and accept that I may not find the love I’ve so desperately wanted. If this goal was a school project, it would get an F.
  2. Stop using the word “reals” or the alternate version “realz”. I’m sorry for the over use of these and other annoying words or phrases I use. I can’t help it. I, for realz, love shortened words or anything with an unnecessary s or z added it to. I’m cray-cray, I knowz. This was not accomplished and I didn’t really make any effort to stop with the silly slang. I still use realz and cray-cray. And obvs. I’m annoying and I’m fine with it. Grade – F
  3. Have an amazing time in Europe. I don’t think I need to go out of my way to accomplish this. It will be the best time ever because I’ll be in Europe. It will probably be so great that I won’t bother to come back. I did have the best time ever in Europe! Although I’m sad to report, in case it wasn’t obvs, that I came home. So because of that, I am giving myself an A-.
  4. Continue saving. My savings plan right now is all for Europe, but I want to save for other things too. Like other trips and those rainy days I keep hearing about. And to just feel more financially secure. This also came true! I can happily report that my Europe trip was paid for and saved for in advance so I didn’t come home with any debt. I also continued to save and I’m on track to pay off my last student loan six months early. I do feel pretty good about my finances right now. Grade – B+
  5. Hang out with my friends more. I have a lot of great friends in Toronto who I cancel on or don’t respond to or just don’t make plans with. I’m a terrible friend. And I want to change that and hang out with them. Maybe even at my place, which for some reason I never invite people to do. My place is great, if slightly out of the way. This also extends to my London friends. I promise to give you a heads up when I’m in town. But please at least consider driving to my hometown and visiting me at my parent’s place because I have come a long (not really) way. Hmmm, I don’t really know. I have hung out with friends a lot, but I have also spent more time alone. And since I haven’t seen most of my hometown friends since July, I’d probably have to give this goal a C. 
  6. Spoil the crap out of my future niece or nephew.  This is a given. This obviously came true. Just ask my sister. A+
  7. Stop being so hard on myself for lagging behind my high school classmates in terms of milestones accomplished. I bet only a handful of my classmates have written a book that has been published and I have written two. Seriously (but don’t look for it on Amazon or anything). Plus, I have this kick-ass blog and tens of tens of regular readers. I need to remind myself that life is pretty great, despite no babies of my own… yet. Hmmm I’m still super jealous of everyone else. But I suppose I’m caring less and less about it. So I don’t think I’m less hard on myself, my heart is just shrinking. Grade – C
  8. Volunteer my time. I have a lot of free time and I am wasting away in my basement apartment watching TV. I looked for the right volunteer opportunity a while ago, to preoccupy my post-breakup thoughts, but nothing ever materialized. I hope to find a worthwhile organization to volunteer with in 2013. Preferably something that doesn’t involve cold calling or going door-to-door. I only volunteered for one event this year – handing out packets at a race expo. Will need to focus more on this goal in 2014. B-
  9. Stay healthy. This goal applies to not only me, but my friends and family. But for me, I need to eat better (hello fruits and vegetables) and stop being so lazy. Maybe I’ll run that marathon? Haha, a 10K or two seems more likely. Right Tara? I am happy to say that I worked out a lot in 2013. My two Jillian Michael’s workout videos have kept me moving at least once a week all year, as has taking the stairs up to my sixth floor office every day (I haven’t taken the elevator once!), tennis lessons and walking all over the city. I can’t, however, say that I have had the healthiest diet or that I have lost any weight. But at least I haven’t gained any! Grade – B
  10. Be a good friend, sister, daughter, employee, person. I’m really selfish and I tend to fly off the handle and overreact or read too much into everything around me. Except at work. I’m a model employee at work. When I’m not scouring the streets for the love of my life, I will focus on the relationships I do have and make them better. I don’t know how though. Maybe through elaborate gifts. Um, I still pretty selfish. Grade – C

I guess I will have to work harder in 2014 to accomplish my goals. If I decide to make any… Just kidding, of course I will. Goals for the year is the ultimate list, and I really do love making lists!


  1. Stopped in my plans/goals for today to go on line again. Enjoyed reading your post. Now I’ll get up and get moving on this dreary overcast day.

  2. You’ve definitely done super cray-cray well on the finances!!
    The finding love is a hard one because it’s not totally in your control. You did well putting yourself out there – and that is all you can do – so you can give yourself a higher grade on that one.

  3. Life is a process not a destination! Good to set goals but better just to do your best, and You have!

  4. I think you mark yourself pretty hard. Maybe you can volunteer with Big Brothers and Sisters or Girl Guides!

  5. 1) A:for getting out into the scary dating world.. I feel ya, it’s scary- so you deserve a higher grade for this one!
    Yeah for # 3 and 4, you are awesome!!
    #7, I’m jealous of you.. even though no I havent reached those milestones either, you are an accomplished smart wicked chick.. does anything else matter? 🙂
    #9, you are doing better than 99% of anyone else who makes this new years resolution
    #10 you’re way to hard on yourself
    love you!! xo

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